Mobicents Project

Official Quotes from Top Tier Operators

"Why Open Source IMS and Mobicents Foundation are a good thing?"

Paulo Chainho, Development Manager
"PTI is looking for collaborative work to share resources to develop the
skeleton for services eco-system. PTI believes that Open Source in
general and "Mobicents JSLEE" in particular is the right approach to
achieve such goal. Traditional closed source solutions (JSLEE or other)
will still play an important role by providing more sophisticated
features (e.g. carrier grade quality) or more specific features
targeting smaller market segments. Nevertheless, these closed source
solutions may still be built upon the core of Open Source solutions
since the software license is as business friendly as the Mobicents
license is.

Mobicents enables the development of a Market oriented and cost
effective Service Delivery Platform. At the same time Mobicents promotes
a standard environment for emerging Application Developers open market
and takes advantage of (and give visibility to) world wide talented
programmers out there.

PTI is committed to Mobicents and is funding the core team to accelerate
product enhancements. Furthermore, PTI has signed a MoU that defines a
framework for cooperation between the Parties in Mobicents project,
creating the basis for a future Mobicents Foundation to satisfy the need
from PTI for SLAs and Professional Supporting Services."

Oscar Puyal,
Huesca Software Centre Technology Manager,
Vodafone Group Research & Development .ES
"It is difficult to imagine all the new services that future will bring us. At best it is
possible to make a forecast of some of them and guess some of the new trend general
Open architectures will permit us to implement new services in an easy and fast way .
To really achieve the open platforms concept it will be necessary a standard enabler
implementation. JAIN Slee carries out these requirements, so it is a good option, the
best in my opinion, to be the base of the new services platforms. Mobicents, in this
sense, as a successful open source project, has a clear advantage to cover the
requirements that the future will ask us.
From my point of view Open IMS, in the same way that Mobicents could be an
important project that will give the research community the necessary flexibility to be
easily adopted."

Elena Amochaeva
Expert, Value Added Services
"The increasing necessity for content will lead a higher
dependence on third parties to provide the required
variaty of audio, video and multimedia applications. Since
this third-party service providers must be
extended through the network to operator's subscribers,
the operator requires a network architecture that can
support development, deployment and delivery over an IP
backbone. Using the Open Source IMS operator can get
working IMS platform at low cost, wich still available to
mainstream developers, and maximaze the value of
new revenu streams."